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Pendleton Capital Puts the Focus Back on Exceptional Service

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5 Innovative Ways to Finance Your Business

In the first quarter of 2017, five of the US’s largest banks actually deposited more money in the Fed ($12.9 billion) than they lent ($9.1 billion). Here is a link to the statistic:   Phil Gramm, former Chairman of

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Online Lenders are getting some small businesses into hot water financially.

MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) loans are marketed as a fast way to access cash. Online Lenders such as On Deck, Kabbage and others are pitching themselves as Small Business Lenders offering teaser rates as low as 9.99%. These so-called lenders

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More Than Just A Bank

Pendleton Capital is much more than just your average Invoice Factoring or Asset Based Lender. We have positioned ourselves as a provider of services that create value for today’s Entrepreneur.


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