Invoice Factoring

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Factoring is a well established form of commercial finance for businesses. It uses your receivables to support your growth, not hinder it, by bridging the funding gap between the time a business issues an invoice and getting the invoice paid.

Typically we will advance up to 80 -85% of the value of your invoice within a business day of your issuing them. We then work with you to get prompt payment from your customer and pay you the balance, less our fees, on collection.



  • Factoring turns your invoices into instant operating cash.
  • Can get you cash within hours for many of your customers’ invoices.
  • Factoring can improve your credit rating by giving you cash so you can pay your bills sooner.
  • Can help you meet your payroll and tax payment obligations.
  • Factoring increases your buying power by enabling you to take advantage of cash purchase discounts.
  • Can increase sales and marketing efforts.
  • Factoring can help you offer your customers better credit terms.
  • Accelerates cash flow.
  • Factoring can help you grow your business.

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