PCG Financing Application

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Application Form

Type of Company :


President, Sole
Other Officer
Other Officer,
Shareholder, or

Banking Information

Business Checking Account


PO & Receivable Information

Have you factored before?
Have you financed Purchase Orders before?
Are receivables/inventory pledged as collateral?
Do you have trade credit terms with suppliers?
If YES, please list below and be specific:
Do you insure goods while in transit?
Is the insurance assignable?

General Information

Any past litigation, or present litigation pending against principal(s) or shareholders?
Any past or present judgments outstanding? (Attach a copy)
Any past or present Federal and/or State Tax Liens? (Attach a copy)
Any past or presently pending Bankruptcy Filings on behalf of any principals?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please explain fully in the space provided below (use additional paper if necessary)

Please attach the following to this application form:

  1. 1. Company Financial Statements (P&L + BS+AR&AP aging…2 fiscal year statements, plus current month)
  2. 2. Accounts Receivable Aging + Accounts Payable Aging (as detailed as possible)
  3. 3. Last two years (completed) tax returns
  4. 4. Last 6 months of company’s bank statements
  5. 5. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws + Certificate of Good Standing
  6. 6. Personal Financial Statements of Principals
  7. 7. Partnership Agreement (if applicable), and latest available capitalization table
  8. 8. IRS 941 Withholding Tax Filings and Proof of Payment
  9. 8. Sample of Company’s Purchase Orders, Invoices, Bills of Lading and Credit Memos
  10. 9. Copy of current Driver’s License

Applicant attests the foregoing information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Information is given to induce Pendleton Capital Group, Inc. (hereinafter “PCG”) to consider entering into a financing agreement with this company.

Applicant hereby authorizes PCG or any of its employees to examine its books and records, and to discuss the affairs, accounts and finances of the Applicant with Applicant’s officers and employees.

Applicant hereby authorizes its suppliers, customers, accountants, attorneys and employees to provide to PCG any information about Applicant and its affairs, finances and accounts as PCG or its employees may request. A copy of this authorization may be accepted as if it were an original.

Applicant hereby authorizes PCG or any of its employees to request a copy of a personal credit report, and a background report from any of the major credit reporting agencies.

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